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Hello! I'm Eve, a digital designer and harp historian currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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web projects

Louisiana Association of Museums

I began working as a freelance web designer for the Louisiana Association of Museums in 2019 to design and develop a new website. I assisted with the migration of the previous site’s content and collaborated with a graphic designer on the Association’s new branding. I am continuing to support the site by creating new web experiences as the Association grows, and maintaining the back end of the Wordpress system.

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Wordpress

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Stuller, Inc.

I joined the web team at Stuller in March 2019 as a Digital Designer. My projects included creating HTML marketing emails, website marketing graphics, interactive sale pages, and informational web pages to assist with customer shopping experiences. I often collaborated with several departments to create wireframes and prototypes of web pages in order to combine their product expertise with my design vision to create clean, intuitive shopping experiences.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Wireframing, Prototyping

Special Order Diamonds and Gemstones Case Study on BeHance

Divorce Doula Family Law Coaching

Divorce Doula is a coaching practice for those seeking a divorce in the state of Louisiana. The business approached me in early 2022 to redesign their branding and website. My work for them so far has included a full branding suite including a typeface, color palette, and logos. I also designed their website using Squarespace and continue to provide digital and print services.

HTML, CSS, Squarespace, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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fun stuff

These are some other fun web projects I've worked on, featuring a full branding concept design for Galaxy Coffee. Galaxy Coffee is an urban artisan coffee shop with a spunky, galactic theme of bold colors and light-hearted messaging. For this brand I created a color scheme, typography set, logo, brand guide, social media posts, and a sample landing page for a potential business launch.

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Galaxy Coffee case study on BeHance
Gif of gold antique harp with bowing strings and sparkles

harp research

In addition to designing, I am also a design historian specializing in the early pedal harp! My M.A. dissertation at the Royal College of Art looked at the role of the single action pedal harp as an agent of technological achievement, luxury display, and gendered social interactions in late eigheenth-century Paris. I am happy to consult with early musical instrument collectors or enthusiasts, and speak at workshops and conferences on my research.

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I’m a design historian and web designer and I love elegant rococo nonsense and all kinds of pinks. I'm fascinated by the intersection of music, art, luxury, and technology. Most recently, I worked as a web designer for Stuller, North America’s largest jewelry manufacturer. I seek inspiration from early modern Europe and the natural world.

As much as I love the possibilites and power of the web, it's important to get my eyes on some analog things as well. When I am away from my computer, I take care of my succulent and herb garden and try to live in harmony with the seasons. For the past several years, I have also studied tarot and astrology, and give readings regularly. One day I hope to illustrate a Rococo tarot deck!

I am currently accepting freelance web design projects and seeking a full-time remote UI/UX or Product Design position. Consultations and presentations on early pedal harps are also available. You can contact me at for more information!